Dayoub & Naga

The Hypnotised Hypnotist

Naga, the ritual snake, can hypnotise people and thus communicate with them. Will the snake charmer Dayoub reveal this ancestral wisdom and remind us of the danger we are in … so, what is the message?

“Hello, I’m Naga. For quite some time I’ve been trying to tell you that Gaia, Pachamama, Gea, is a living being like you, like me. The rivers are her veins, the sea is her blood, her lungs are the trees she breathes through and in the middle is her crystal heart. Yes, I am talking about the earth that is seriously ill and poisoned, you humans do not take good care of it, with all the pollution and plastic that ends up in the seas, with the poisoned fields and hardly any trees or animals.But the time has come, and according to the old prophecy, it will be that beautiful place once again. That time is now, it is time to open our hearts and feel our mother Pachamama beating under our feet. It is time to take care of Mother Earth and to be reborn all together“.


Planned performances at the Carnival of Cultures “Lawn in Action” program (May 29 and 30, 2020) Unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic.

22.08.2020 . Sommerfest 2020 in Teatherhaus Berlin Mitte (Prevue)