Dayoub & Naga

The Hypnotised Hypnotist

Our show Dayoub & Naga combines oriental music with street theatre / puppet theatre and is inspired by the stories of the snake charmers, the Silk Road and the Arabian Nights.
Dayoub, the snake charmer is stuck in an unusual situation due to magic, his snake Naga is now suddenly 10 times bigger and more powerful, but he has to go on with the show, with his music he will try to hypnotise Naga, the opposite will happen and he will end up in the snake’s basket.

The play is aimed at a wide audience, who interact by singing and clapping along, and is very humorous.

Naga can hypnotise people and thus communicate with them. She is the voice of Mother Earth. Message from Naga

„I must tell you that the earth is alive. It is the mother of all of us, of all animals, of all plants and of all human beings. It is a living being like you and you or… like me. But I am sad because our Mother Earth is very sick. She is getting weaker and weaker because people don’t treat her well.
Nature does not belong to us, we belong to nature.
I ask for your help. We have to do something together. Stand up! With your support, the earth will be healthy again and delight us with its beauty.

Can you feel her? Can you feel her heart under your feet? Can you feel her breath?“

Puppet theatre, dance, song, live oriental music; flute, calimba and ocean ring drum.

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  • 22.08.2020 / Sommerfest 2020 in Teatherhaus Berlin Mitte (Prevue) / Videolink
  • 29, 30 and 31.07.2022 / Kulturufer Friedrichshafen / Videolink
  • 27 and 29.05.2023 / Karneval der Kulturen / Berlin / Videolink
  • 28.04.2024 / UMWELTFESTIVAL / Straße des 17. Juni, Berlin