Interactive figure and object theater especially aimed at people from the age of five upwards.

Our protagonist is a gigantic colorful fish and his opponent a diver lost in time. Both are for the first time confronted with plastic. They get to know each other and start a friendship and soon after the plastic is going to cause them a lot of trouble.

The gigantic fish figure swallows a lot of plastic bags, which almost causes him to suffocate. The diver noticing this in the last minute and is able to rescue the fish with the help of the children from the audience.

The story of this unusual friendship is intended to raise awareness for the responsibility we all hold. The story can be well incorporated into an educational lesson on packaging madness and garbage avoidance strategies.

Through the lively characters and the sympathies that the fish gets, the problem can be directly personalized. It shows that we can all do something by changing our everyday habits.