The Dragons of the Sea

Interactive figure and object theater especially aimed at people from the age of five upwards.

“ The dragons of the Sea “ can be understood as a visual-poetic puppet theater for people of all cultures and beyond language barriers.
The global pollution of the oceans with plastic is an increasingly prominent problem for the continued existence of all life, including humans.
Most affected by this pollution are ocean fauna: a reality more and more polluters becoming aware of.


11, 12 & 13.05.2018 / Hafenfest im Historisches Hafen in Berlin
18 & 19.05.2018 / Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin
08 & 10.06.2018 / Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Sommergarten
13 & 14.07.2018 / Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Sommergarten
01 & 02.09.2018 / Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Sommergarten
05.12.2018 / Umweltschule am Falkplatz, Berlin
15.06.2019 / Schaubude- 12h. open space „Die lange Nacht
der freien Puppen- und Figurentheater Berlins
12.07.2019 / Cosmopolitan School, Berlin
01.08.2019 / NON Berlin Asia contemporary art platform
03.08.2019 / Wasserfest der Berliner Wasserbetriebe
13.09.2020 / Open Air Theater in Spreepark, Berlin