InTi and the Shipwrecked

Walking Act

Figure and Stilt Theater merge into an unusual combination: InTi, our protagonist, is a flying fish portrayed by a 4-meter-long puppet.
He captivates everyone with his grace. Having just returned from a transoceanic journey through other hemispheres.

Our oversized fish encounters a shipwrecked character who refuses assistance and is in search of her idyllic island. Throughout the journey, the shipwrecked character challenges the audience and, thanks to InTi’s skill, manages to reach a safe harbor.

„InTi and the Shipwrecked“ is not just a mere street performance; it’s an interactive and entertaining experience that blends puppetry, physical theatre, and audience engagement. Join us on this theatrical escapade as InTi’s dexterity guides the shipwrecked character towards a secure haven, creating moments of laughter, surprise, and delight for audiences of all ages. Experience the magic of street theater like never before with this unforgettable and enchanting Funny Walking Act.


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  • 08, 09 & 10. June 2019 / Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin
  • 03, 04 & 05 September 2021 / Hutfestival Street art Chemnitz