Karneval der Kulturen 2023 / Rasen in Aktion

„Dayoub & Naga“

„Hello, I am Naga, a snake, I have hypnotised Dayoub and he is translating me and I have something important to tell you“.
We feel happy because we are finally going to realise one of our artistic goals. We will premiere „Dayoub & Naga“ in its original version here in Berlin.
It will be part of the programme ‚Rasen in Aktion‘ of the Carnival of Cultures.

Our show is designed for a broad audience of all ages.
It is inspired by the tradition of Hindu snake charmers, with live music, oversized puppets, a touch of Bollywood and lots of humour.

On 27 and 29 May, at 12.30pm and 2.30pm respectively.
Where exactly;

We look forward to seeing you there „Namaste Shanti“

Before and After

As you can imagine, „The pandemic“ has meant for us a successive period of inactivity in terms of performances, rather a sudden stop. We had signed contracts that are still in effect for 2022. Here in Germany they were very restrictive with the culture.

Nevertheless, the last year we were still able to perform at the Sommer Open Air at the Theaterhaus Mitte and at the Old Amusement Park (Spreepark) in Plänterwald both in Berlin.

Of course, we were creative and the result of this is „Dayoub & Naga“, a theater project that continues to grow, this winter with permission from Covid it will be ready, we hope …

2021 was the year in which we finally left Berlin, first to the island of Norderney, where we had the honor of working for the Wattenmeer National Park, a marine reserve of great importance in the North Sea, on World Day from the ocean, later we were present in Chemnitz performing for a street theater festival with a very good lineup of artists.

And now the wheel is rolling again!

Thank you for making this project possible..

Without your help, cooperation, enthusiasm, feedback and your presence in our performances this project would not have been born. We would like to thank Karneval der Kulturen for offering us a space to create and develop our production and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte for believing in our project and providing us with a location for our first performances where we made our Sommer Stage.

We are also very grateful to Gerhard Kiesler for all his work in the construction of the mechanisms and structures of „Inti“ our quasi flying fish. We would also like to thank Charles Matuschewski for his music and aquatic compositions and Annette Ueberlein for the poetic introduccion to our own underwater World.