Karneval der Kulturen 2023 / Rasen in Aktion

„Dayoub & Naga“

„Hello, I am Naga, a snake, I have hypnotised Dayoub and he is translating me and I have something important to tell you“.
We feel happy because we are finally going to realise one of our artistic goals. We will premiere „Dayoub & Naga“ in its original version here in Berlin.
It will be part of the programme ‚Rasen in Aktion‘ of the Carnival of Cultures.

Our show is designed for a broad audience of all ages.
It is inspired by the tradition of Hindu snake charmers, with live music, oversized puppets, a touch of Bollywood and lots of humour.

On 27 and 29 May, at 12.30pm and 2.30pm respectively.
Where exactly;



We look forward to seeing you there „Namaste Shanti“

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