Content and aims

Creative aims Conception, design and creation of objects for later use in a theatre show. During the workshop, various disciplines are covered, for example, physical theatre and the manipulation of objects and puppets.

Environmental education

Today one can believe that plastic has always existed and therefore our irresponsible use is understood as something normal. Our goal is to make people aware of our bad habits and to try to promote an environmentally conscious approach to plastic waste and to further reduce the use of plastic.

The members will come into first-hand artistic contact with plastic and first construct objects and sets that deal with the degenerative cycle of plastic. In the second phase, they manipulate objects and theatrical props they have made themselves. During the construction process, fish poisoning and the imbalance in the marine ecosystem are discussed.


This concept is adaptable and flexible to the proposals and needs of the event. The minimum time is 5 hours. We offer a subsequent performance with a workshop lasting several days.


Children from 5 years. Adults Families with children from 3 years.


In this theatre workshop, single-use materials are used and artistically recycled. However, there are inevitable costs for acrylic paint, tape, threads.